Fairs and Festivals of Gujarat

Vibrant Gujarat is known as the Colours of India. Fascinating archaeological sites, superb Jain, Hindu and Islamic architecture, exquisite crafts and rare wildlife, including the Asiatic lion are accompanied by Gujarat’s attractions. The divulge is dexterously-known for its fairs and festivals.

Trineteshwer Mahadev Fair

This is one of India’s picturesque usual activities. Like Pushkar in Rajasthan, Tarnetar is an ethnic fair which has attracted the attention of tourists. Believed to the site of Draupadi’s Swayambara, after that Arjuna, disguised as a Brahmin, won her hand in the archery contest, Tarnetar is important due to its location by a holy river and is said to be the ancient route of the Ganga.

During the fair, women from many pastoral communities select their simulation cronies. The men indicate their eligibility by carrying embroidered umbrellas. All suitors dress taking place in totally colourful attires and ornaments. Dances, folk music, devotional hymns and contests are added cultural aspects that origin to the fair’s look.

Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera dance Festival is a three day festival of Indian classical dance. One can enjoy these dance forms in the environment in which they were originally performed.Do you know about Happy republic day 2019 gif

Somnath Mahadeo Fair

This fair celebrates the birth of Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva, and features stage-shows, folk dances and instrumental music in the spectacular setting of Somnath’s shore temple.

Kutch Mahotsava

A festival organised by Gujarat’s tourism authorities to manufacture tourism in Kutch. The festival features folk dance, music ballads, poetry, jewellery and regional handicrafts. The fair coincides when Dhrang Mela, a Shivaratri fair at a easy to realize to temple, back rituals, acrobatics, camel, bullockcart races, bazaars and cultural shows.

Kite Flying Festival

One of the most much-admired festivals of Gujarat, Uttarayan is a habit of commemorating the beginning of the Sun to the northern tropics. Kite-up is an integral portion of the festival and the Indian fighter kite is flown in competition, the purpose bodily to barbed the enlarge on flier’s kite strings. The Gujarat Tourism Corporation organizes an International kite-flying competition and rouse in Ahmedabad, inviting experts from Australia, Japan and auxiliary countries.

Navaratri Dance Festival

This 9 night festival is ably-liked in Gujarat and handsome tourist attractions from villages and little towns to large cities then Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat. The festival is very praised taking into consideration colourful Garba and Dandia Ras folk dances, ceremonial fasting and feasting. It ends along surrounded by Dussehra subsequently effigy of Ravana is burnt to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama.

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