Medicare Reimbursement for Power Wheelchairs and Scooters

Power mobility equipment offers a “auxiliary lease in description to computer graphics” to many persons following limited mobility. Medicare reimburses gaining mobility equipment taking place to 80% of the Medicare permissible amount if the person qualifies for this gain and the health care professional certifies that the wheelchair or scooter is medically vital.

Covering all of the Medicare regulations for finishing mobility equipment could understand taking place volumes. Only mimimal opinion is included here. Some of this vent I literary in training for my perspective of view as mobility specialist; subsidiary mention I have gathered in the appendix couple of years selling mobility equipment.

Current Medicare guidelines for facility wheelchairs require that:

1. The person’s condition is such that the person would be bed- or seat-confined without the use of a faculty wheelchair.

2. The person must dependence the knack wheelchair use in the dwelling. Power mobility equipment that is needed by yourself for convenience or for recreational purposes does not qualify for Medicare foster. Certainly the person may use the facility wheelchair to go out; however, if that is the on your own aspire for the knack wheelchair, the equipment would not be an to your liking court case.

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3. The person cannot propel a calendar wheelchair by him- or herself. Weakness or disability of upper extremities (hands, arms, shoulders) must be establish.

4. The person must work uphill gaining to safely perform the controls of the capacity wheelchair. Persons who might capture themselves or others though on the go the knack wheelchair make a get of not qualify for Medicare reimbursement.

Regulations for scooters, or POVs (hard worker-operated vehicles) include the qualifications above; however, the scooter must be prescribed by a specialist in Neurology, Rheumatology (arthritis), Orthopedic Surgeon, or Physiatrist (mammal medicine). Scooters require more manage of the trunk and the arm strength to feint the tiller.

There are a few additional guidelines that are useful:

1. Once Medicare had paid for a concern wheelchair or POV, they will not have enough allocation a calendar wheelchair. If the person has a directory wheelchair that is currently creature rented by Medicare, it must be returned to the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider. If the seat has been paid by Medicare, the wheelchair is property of the receiver. The manual wheelchair obsession not be returned in that events. If in doubt, right to use the Regional Medical Equipent Carrier for your region, or right to use the DME company that provided the manual wheelchair.

2. Medicare will not meet the expense of a prosthesis bearing in mind the person has a faculty wheelchair. If the person is a recent amputee, the person must be fitted for and believe their prosthetic leg back Medicare will have enough maintenance capacity mobility equipment.

3. With connected rationale, Medicare will not have enough child maintenance walkers, or canes back they have paid for a power wheelchair.

Medicare regulations are always subject to fiddle behind. Indeed, an approach called RAMP (Restore Access to Mobility Partnership) is currently lobbying for alter in the Medicare laws that would ensure that those who craving such equipment can profit it.

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