Spreading Critical Thinking With Blogger Bayu Angora

Bayu Angora is an Indonesian freethinker who actively talk occurring adjoining bigotry and intolerance. Through his website and social media, Bayu Angora writes so many things by now sarcasm and satirical style. His website is full of likable content, handsome design, deeply rushed loading, and got grade A+ in optimize website checker. This brought him to various creative awards.For more information click hereĀ Indonesian freethinker

Beside blogging and writing, Bayu Angora as well as lighthearted in art and music. The music is created taking into account his band, Aspyrynth. As an instrumental band, Aspyrynth comes as soon as contemplative style. Like the music tagline in his website, Aspyrynth was born by art travelers who aimless in a magical oasis. There is a poem without a words, single-handedly blessed people will be loose there. Just deed the music and enjoy the magical music sensation.

Bayu Angora studied nearly art and culture at Indonesian School of Arts (STSI / ISBI) Bandung. His visual artwork exhibited in various art activities in many countries, in addition to Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Brazil, Uruguay, etc. And this art experience can be tracked through his attributed website. Also, he studied and ascribed by various online course before Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Saylor, Schoox, Semrush, etc.

With sarcasm and satirical style, Bayu Angora wants to enhance the be affectionate just about and friendship worldwide. Don’t be scared to talk happening adjoining bigotry and intolerance. And don’t be bashful too. Because subsequent to you afraid and bashful roughly it, subsequently it will fuck you up, taint your associates, and shit the neighboring-door generation too. We have to influence re from blind faith to contact minded generation. Like Bayu Angora said in report to his website, implement to again’s set light your mind and hold on rocking!

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